Episode OneEdit

In the Dinosaur King Universe...

"Hey," Max yelled ", Hey! Is anyone there?" A yellow triceratops poked its head out of a doggie door.

"Chomp," Max exclaimed", It's good to see you buddy!" If Chomp's here, then Rex must be here too!

The door was open, so Max walked in. He saw his friends, Rex and Zoe, were talking.

"I already told you," Zoe said ",Wait for Max!" Zoe noticed Max before Rex did, so she got up and greeted him.

"Hey Max," Zoe said.

"Hey Zoe," Max said. Max noticed Rex got up, so he walked over to Rex and gave him a hi-five.

"Hey," Rex said ", Good to see you Max! I need to ask you something! I managed to fix a time machine, so do you think that you and Zoe could test it out with me?" Max nodded his head.

"Great," Rex said cheerfully ", Follow me!" Both Max and Zoe followed Rex into the basement. He noticed Ace and Paris were waiting down there. Next to the two dinosaurs, a blue tarp was covering a machine. Rex walked over to it and pulled the blue tarp off of it, revealing a time machine.

"Come on," Rex said. The trio got into the time machine with their dinosaurs and Rex pressed a series of buttons.

"Here we go," Rex yelled as he pulled the switch on the right side.

In the Dragonball Universe...

"Pan," Trunks yelled", Pan, Where are you? This isn't funny!" A girl jumped out from a tree onto Trunks.

"Pan," Trunks said angry.

"I'm sorry," Pan said ", Okay, I was just playing a joke on you!" Trunks kissed Pan on the cheek. The air was hit with a weird whirling sound. A red machine with three kids and three creatures were in it.

"Who are you," Trunks asked.

One of the kids stood up, it was a guy with spikey brown hair.

"I am Max," the kid said ", These are my friends, Rex and Zoe."