Explosion of Anger (Anger Eruption! Solo's Devastating Attack!) is the third chapter of The Story of Solo.


Previously on The Story of Solo! Frieza arrived at Kame House for a meeting with the Z-Warriors. Kierra was the first to try her hand at fighting Frieza, but in vain. Dante went up next and was thrown aside like yesterday's garbage. With Solo being the only one left up to the plate, he tried to defeat the tyrant, but it came all too close when Frieza shot a Death Beam at him. Dante quickly acted to save giving up his own life. Will Frieza claim any more victims? Or can Solo defeat him? Find out today!


(Solo): D-Dante! Dante! NO!!!

Solo clenched his fists so tight, he bled.

(Yamcha): Damn it, no!



(Solo): FRIEZA!

Solo powered up and charged at Frieza. He punched Frieza in the face and then kicked him away. Everybody looked at him in awe.

(Yamcha): What the hell!?

Frieza caught himself and kicked Solo in the face.

(Kierra): Oh no!

(Frieza): Little bastard!

Frieza shot a Death Beam at Solo, who deflected it.

(Solo): You killed my friend. I'll kill you!

Solo charged up a beam.

(Solo): Ka...Me...Ha...Me...HA!

Solo shot a Kamehameha at Frieza. Frieza caught it, but it overwhelmed him and got hit.

(Tien): Whoa! Solo...he's so powerful!

(Roshi): He's fueled by rage. I don't know how long he'll last.

Solo tried to kick Frieza, but he whipped him with his tail. Frieza grabbed Solo by the foot and slammed him into the ground. Frieza threw a flurry of punches at Solo, but he evaded each one. Solo punched Frieza in the face and then in the gut. Frieza coughed up a little blood.

(Frieza): He he he. You honestly think you can beat me?

(Solo): No. I know I can beat you.

(Frieza): Damn you!

Frieza elbowed Solo in the face and kneed him in the stomach. Solo simply smiled and punched Frieza.

(Kierra): Go Solo!

(Yamcha): There's no way he can lose! Yeah!

Frieza grabbed Solo by his tail.

(Frieza): You fool.

(Everyone): Oh no!

(Solo):...I...can't move...

Frieza slammed Solo back and forth. He had the upper hand. Suddenly, a Destructo Disk cut Solo's tail off, freeing him from Frieza's grip. It was Kierra!

(Kierra): Leave him alone!

Frieza shot a ki blast and knocked Kierra down.

(Solo): No!

Solo kicked Frieza in the face and then shot an Angry Kamehameha at Frieza.

(Frieza): NO!

Frieza got obliterated by the blast.

(Solo): That's what he gets....for killing my friend.

Now that Solo has killed Frieza, will he be able to move on knowing his best friend is dead? Or will something miraculous happen? Find out next time!