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Kastanje (Kat) Chestnut

Why does everything bad have to happen to me?


She has short brown and has Krillin's height and eyes.


She's a telepath born from an accidental relationship with Marron and an interdimiensional demon named Klawz.

Through this relation however her mother became suicdal and tried to kill herself,but instead of dieing she was taken to a different dimesion. For her relationship with her daughters father caused her immortality.

There Kat was raised by her pretist mother and a nanny.

At the age of 10 she was taken to Earth, she had no memories from her past.

Then she befriended Goku Jr.


She is killed by Brair Rose during a raid from the Dark Army. She is then wished back with the Black Stared dragon balls.

Klawz's returnEdit

"I will not surrender to the likes of you!Edit

On Kat's 15th birthday,she expericenes strange syptoms.

After a fight with Blair Rose about the strange markings on her skin,she storms off being fallowed by a groteque monster. She gets kidnapped and is brought to Klawz kingdom. Her powers are unlocked, and she goes off in search of the z fighters. After Klawz's defeat she goes back, with new power, to her normal self.