The Saga Begins (Prologue! The Story of Solo Begins!) is the first episode of Dragonball: The Story of Solo.


We've traveled through the ever fantastic adventures of the Saiyan warrior known as Son Goku. Seen his fights with King Piccolo, Raditz, Frieza, Cell, Buu, and even the negative karma personification of Shenron, Omega Shenron. Now we take things to a different universe, a universe where Goku wasn't the main character. But a little Saiyan child called Solo was. He was born on Earth and trained under the watchful eye of Master Roshi. As well as Tien Shinhan and Yamcha.

(Solo): You guys can't match up to me!

(Tien): Easy there kid, you're still a rookie.

(Solo): You sure, triclops?

Solo sped behind Tien and kicked him in the back. Tien fell, but caught himself and leaped back up.

(Tien): I'll admit it. You're getting better.

(Yamcha): Yeah, but he still isn't ready to match up to my strength!

Solo punched Yamcha in the face while he was bantering about his strength.

(Tien): Ha ha! Sure about that, Wolf Boy?

(Yamcha, rubbing his nose): Shut up!

Master Roshi was on the beach reading his magazines.

(Tien): Okay, Solo. We're stepping up our game!

(Solo): Doubt it will help!

(Yamcha): Wanna bet?

Tien and Yamcha disappeared. They dashed all around Solo. Solo could barely keep his eyes on them. Before Solo could blink, he found his arms caught by Tien and Yamcha from both sides. They each kneed Solo in the stomach and sent him down to the ground.

(Tien): See where cockiness gets you?

(Solo, getting up): Lucky shot.

(Yamcha): Keep telling yourself that, kid.

(Solo): I'm 16.

(Yamcha): Whatever.

With their daily training done, they went inside Kame House for some dinner.

(Solo): Let's have tacos!

And they had tacos.

(Roshi): OK, kiddos. Get to bed.

(Solo): Aw.

Solo, Tien, and Yamcha went to bed. But Master Roshi stayed up, reading his magazines.


(Solo): Master, where's Dante and Kierra?

(Roshi): Didn't I assign them on a mission to--

Just then, Kierra and Dante walked in.

(Dante): We're back!

(Solo): Hey guys!

Then, there was a loud thump. Dante fell down.

(Dante): Ow!

(Kierra): Oh no!

There was a figure behind him. It was Frieza!

(Everybody): Who are you!?

(Frieza): You can call me Ruler of the Universe. Otherwise known as....YOUR DEATH!

Frieza has gone to Earth and met the heroes! Will he kill them? Or will they manage to defeat him like Goku did in his universe? Find out next time on the Solo Saga!